Moving to NY: Day 2 – Utah & Colorado

27 Jul


Mr. Envoy and I got a late start for day 2. Since we didn’t get to bed until around midnight, we weren’t up until 8am. Then we had to shower, grab some breakfast, pack up the cats, and get back on the road. Thankfully our day 2 drive wasn’t nearly as long since we were only going to Denver, Colorado. But it was still 466 miles to the hotel in Denver, so it was going to be a long day of driving.

Day 2 Route

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Moving to NY: Day 1 – California, Nevada, Arizona & Utah

20 Jul

There was no going back now. The cars were loaded with harps, cats, guinea pigs, suitcases, silverware, pots and pans, and anything else we could think of that we might need in New York while we waited on our furniture to make it’s own trek out from California.

Day 1 Route

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My Going Away Party

19 Jul

Leaving everything that you know behind is hard, but leaving everyone that you love behind is harder.

Since the moment Mr. Envoy and I started dating I knew that when he moved to become a Recruiter, I wanted to go with him. Then earlier this year that started to really become a reality when things for his recruiting course started to fall into place. Then before I knew it, it was the day before we left for New York. We had signed our 30 day notice for our apartment, gotten all of our furniture into a storage unit, cleaned out the apartment, and made sure we had everything we planned on bringing with us to New York over at my dad’s place. The only thing left to do was say goodbye.

No. Not good bye. Geeze, how many times do I need to remind myself what Mr. Envoy taught me when we first started dating? Goodbye is permanent. It means you’ll never see that person again. This is farewell, just a temporary thing. And although it is only temporary, I still had people to say it to.

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Mr. Envoy’s Graduation from Recruiters Course

18 Jul

After 7 1/2 weeks of long days filled with studying and commuting back and forth between our apartment and MCRD in San Diego, Mr. Envoy’s graduation day came. It wasn’t the last step on our pre-move checklist, but it was the most important thing on it. Once he graduated and had his orders in hand, it was official. He had to go to New York. He had to become a Recruiter. So that was that.

Well, unless his orders got changed some time after graduation… Hey, it happened to one of his classmates! But the chances were low of that happening thankfully. And since I’m writing this from our apartment on Long Island, his orders thankfully remained unchanged.

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Saying Farewell… to Jessicat

14 Jul

I’m currently sitting in my mostly empty apartment, looking out my gorgeous sliding glass doors waiting for the severe thunderstorms to finally get here (the news said were coming some time tonight), and listening to my Enya radio station on Pandora. I’m hoping that somehow all of this will help me figure out how best to get started on this post. I don’t know why this one is harder to get into than my last post… I know it’s not that either one of them means more to me than the other. Maybe it’s just that my friendship with Jessicat stemmed from something deep inside me at a time when I was still very weak and sad.

My BFF, Jess, and I on my 22nd bday!

My BFF, Jessicat, and I on my 22nd bday!

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