Moving to NY: Day 5 – Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois & Tornado Weather!

19 Aug

After a wonderful day spent relaxing and visiting with my grandma, day 5 of our move was finally upon us. Mr. Envoy and I got ready and packed up, and my grandma made us coffee and scrambled eggs to have before we hit the road.


Arthas thought he was being a super big help while we were packing… lol

As we ate we watched the news to see what was going on with the weather. Neither of us had dealt with tornado weather before, and although we’d had clear skies on the way to my grandma’s and almost the whole day we had spent with her it didn’t look as though we were going to be as lucky on our trip to Chicago. We would be driving through the rest of Nebraska, all of Iowa and Illinois, and to top it off it was going to be our longest day on the road of the entire move.Day 5 Route

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Moving to NY: Day 4 – Visiting my Grandma in Nebraska

9 Aug


Day 4 of our trek was one of my favorite days of the whole trip. Mr. Envoy and I had a day to relax and catch our breath a bit after traveling 1,500 miles from California and before traveling the remaining 1,400 miles to New York. We slept in for a bit which was a nice change for us, and when we woke up my Grandma had coffee waiting and made us breakfast. We hadn’t had a homemade meal in a while so even though it was just simple scrambled eggs it was already better than most of the hotel breakfasts we had had so far.

My Grandma’s back door was right next to the kitchen, so as we ate breakfast and visited I saw other little creatures enjoying some breakfast too! First it was birds enjoying the birdseed from the feeder hanging outside but then a squirrel came and helped himself too. Silly squirrel, you’re not a bird!

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Moving to NY: Day 3 – Colorado & Nebraska

31 Jul

Day 3 started really early, despite us staying up late watching Ghost Whisperer on Netflix. Today our trip would take us to 458 miles to Geneva, Nebraska to visit my grandma on our way out to New York. I hadn’t seen my grandma since my parents and I drove out there nearly 5 years ago for my grandpa’s funeral, so a visit has been long overdue!

Day 3 Route

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Moving to NY: Day 2 – Utah & Colorado

27 Jul

Mr. Envoy and I got a late start for day 2. Since we didn’t get to bed until around midnight, we weren’t up until 8am. Then we had to shower, grab some breakfast, pack up the cats, and get back on the road. Thankfully our day 2 drive wasn’t nearly as long since we were only going to Denver, Colorado. But it was still 466 miles to the hotel in Denver, so it was going to be a long day of driving.

Day 2 Route

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Moving to NY: Day 1 – California, Nevada, Arizona & Utah

20 Jul

There was no going back now. The cars were loaded with harps, cats, guinea pigs, suitcases, silverware, pots and pans, and anything else we could think of that we might need in New York while we waited on our furniture to make it’s own trek out from California.

Day 1 Route

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